Cynthia Reynders

Board Member of SASCE

About Cynthia Reynders

Cynthia Reynders is was fascinated with the human mind in all its aspects and what Homo Sapiens can accomplish when the human mind works holistically and in harmony with consciousness. Although she originally wanted to become an astronomer the universe decided differently and directed her to a career in education, training and development, a compelling and challenging journey spanning more than 26 years. productive relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.

Cynthia is a firm supporter of Ken Robinson`s ideas to radical rethink our educational systems to cultivate creativity and acknowledge multiple types of intelligence. Her interest is ancient mythology & civilizations, astronomy, science & technology and of course, enjoying all of this with excellent red wine.



*Analytical chemistry, Microbiology; Astronomy; Ancient studies.

Career Highlight

*Her career encapsulates Laboratory Manager in the Mathematics, Statistics


*Manager of Computer Aided Learning Centre at Ekurhuleni FET College

Skills & Experience

- Physics department at Wits Technikon; Lecturer in Engineering Studies .
- General Manager: Human Resources: South African Forestry Company Limited (SAFCOL).
- Manager of Computer Aided Learning Centre at Ekurhuleni FET College.
- FET Manager at eDegree;
- National Training Director at Electrical Contractors Association SA (ECASA); CEO of Minerals .
- Energy Education and Training Institute (MEETI) and currently CEO of APPETD.

WITS Technikon Engineering Faculty High Flying Trophy of Excellence;
The Planetary Society SETI – Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence; Prince of Wales – program for sustainability leadership.

Cynthia serves on the following forums: NSA Board & sub committees; SASCE Board, PSET CLOUD Group, PSETISC, World Skills SA Committee, to name but a few.